Dimitri Kalaev

Research ScientistDimitri Kalaev

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Postdoctoral Researcher (2017-2020)
Department of Physics

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa
Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2016)
Ph. D. (2011-2015) - Solid State Ionics Laboratory
“Properties of Solid State Devices Based on Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductors” under supervision of Prof. Ilan Riess and co-advisor Prof. Avner Rothschild
B.A. (2001-2004) and M.Sc. (2005-2011)


MIT Contact info.

77 Massachusetts Ave
Room 13-3130
Office phone: 617-253-5002
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Dmitri’s research interests include novel electronic and quantum devices, actively tunable materials, physics of point defects in oxides, experimental physics, numerical simulations, oxide heterostructures, memristive systems, optical spectrophotometry and impedance spectroscopy.