Publications 2018

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  • Jessica G. Swallow, Jakyung Lee, Thomas Defferriere, Gareth M. Hughes, Shilpa N. Raja, Harry L. Tuller, Jamie H. Warner, and Krystyn J. Van Vliet, Atomic Resolution Imaging of Nanoscale Chemical Expansion in PrxCe1−xO2−δ During In Situ Heating, ACS Nano.  DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b07732 (DOE)

  • Nicola H. Perry, Jae Jin Kim, Harry L. Tuller, Oxygen Surface Exchange Kinetics Study by Simultaneous Impedance Spectroscopy and Optical Transmission Relaxation: Sr(Ti,Fe)O3-x Thin Film Case Study, Focus Issue on "Carbon-neutral Energy Science and Technology", Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM); 19 [1]. 130-141 (2018). DOI 10.1080/14686996.2018.1430448 (DOE, I2CNER)

  • Silja Schmidtchen, Holger Fritze, Sean Bishop, Di Chen, Harry L. Tuller, Chemical Expansion of Praseodymium-Cerium Oxide Films at High Temperatures by Laser Doppler Vibrometry, Solid State Ionics, 319, 61-67 (2018) (DOE)

  • Dmitri Kalaev, Harry L. Tuller, Ilan Riess, Measuring Ionic Mobility in Mixed-Ionic-Electronic-Conducting Nano-Dimensioned Thin Films at Near Ambient Temperatures, Solid State Ionics, 319, 291-295 (2018) (DOE/BES; Israel Sc. Fnd.