International Society of Solid State Ionics - ISSI

Elections were held for new officers at the 19th meeting of the International Meeting on Solid State Ionics - SSI–19, held in Kyoto during the week of June 2nd and attended by nearly 900 participants.  MIT Professor Harry L. Tuller was elected as Vice President/President Elect of the International Society of Solid State Ionics – ISSI.

The stated goals of ISSI are: “to promote science and technology related to ionic transport in solids” and  “provide an international and interdisciplinary forum for scientists in this field” Solid State Ionics forms the underpinnings of many key clean energy technologies including high energy density batteries, fuel and electrolysis cells, emission catalysts and sensors, dye sensitized solar cells and photoelectrolysis cells for solar fuels generation.  Tuller successfully ran on a platform emphasizing the need for educating the public, government agencies, industry and universities on the critical need for clean energy and the strategic contributions that the field of Solid State Ionics can and needs to make to insure progress along these lines.